November 1, 2007
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IBM and PC History
IBM just announced they are selling their PC division - it always lost money.

IBM just put up a site "" to "open source" the power PC architecture. I guess they are losing money trying build and sell Power PC chips also.

IBM wrote an entire operating system (OS2) to do something about Windows. Ever seen a copy of OS2 running?

Why is IBM working on the Cell after they have prooven they can not make money with consumers? Because they can.

IBM is a technology company and they like working on cool stuff - even if they loose money on it. IBM started Microsoft and Intel by accident.

IBM is now the lightening rod for all the challenges to the subversive "anti capitalist Linux" OS. It may be that without IBM protection Linux would have been buried. I\'m sure the only reason Microsoft has not gone after Linux is because they are affraid IBM would go after them.

IBM is where all PC based, integrated circuit, advanced technology started. and IBM is now protecting its creation. Now IBM looks at the direction Wintel have driven the business and they do not like what they see. No innovation driving The hardware and software into monopoly based cash cows that only benefit a very few. IBM is using the Cell to breakup the Wintel technology deadend. I do not know anybody at any of these companies. My conclusions just come from casual observation.

Based on past performance, IBM will allow us to help with the Cell revolution. The only way to get IBM\'s attention is to order 10 million cell chips at $100 each = $1 Billion. How do we do that? Define a product which uses the cell which could plausably sell that many units

Billions IBM Intel Microsoft
Revenue 91 31 35
Market Cap 141 172 300
Cash 8.5 15.7 56.4