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Last modified Dec 27, 2005

Introducing The Cell

The Cell Processor is a multicore CPU under development by a joint venture between Sony, Toshiba, and IBM (STI). Sony has confirmed that their Playstation 3 video game console will be powered by the Cell processor.

Technical details for the Cell have not yet been released, but informed speculation indicates that one cell chip will do 1 trillion floating point operations per second, 1 TFLOP. This speed is several hundred times faster than a high-end personal computer.

For a detailed analysis of the patent, performance predictions, and predictions about the future of the Cell processor please visit the following links.

Our Objective - Distributing Cell Power

The objective of Cell Industries is to facilitate small-scale supercomputer applications for the Cell Processor. Small-scale meaning Cell-based systems, which are affordable for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses. Our Cell PCI-x plugin card, xpac-zero, is the fastest and most economical way for people to get their hands on some real computing power. The xpac-zero uses the Cell as a general-purpose numerical accelerator (GPNA) with one or more Cell chips. The xpac-zero card acts much like a video card, which uses a graphics-processing unit (GPU).

The plugin xpac-zero facilitates rapid application porting by allowing most code in existing applications to continue running on the PC processor. Most applications can be accelerated by porting only a few dozen, or few hundred lines of bottleneck code. Applications will continue to have access to all the existing PC infrastructure. Many applications will be able to use both xpac-zero and video cards.

We Must Prevent

Without something like xpac-zero, Sony and Toshiba will only use the cell chip for game consoles and TVs; IBM will only make very high-end supercomputers for the Fortune 500, and the rest of the world will be left behind, powerless without a chance. This powerful new technology must be shared. If it is not, the outcome will be less than desirable for those of us on the outside (STI being the inside). The Cell is the real computer revolution, everything else up until now has just been a drum roll.